City Girl goes to a Tractor Pull….


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My husband competes in tractor pulls.  Before we met, I had never even heard of such a thing.  Tractor pulls, that is. My husband loves his John Deeres and is a walking shrine. If not for John Deere, my husband would walk around naked.  They should pay him for all the free advertising.   I have to limit the John Deere paraphenalia in the house.  It’s hard to decorate around yellow/green metal things. Last night was the first tractor pull of the summer.  It is something I try to enjoy.  Try is the operative word here.  I want to be encouraging and supportive but I have to be honest,  tractor pulls are…….odd.

For those of you outside the farming community (and not in MN), tractor pulls usually take place at county fairs.  Tractor pulls are on a dirt track where you hook a tractor up to a weighted skid.  The tractor pulls the truck and the longer you pull, the heavier the weight registers.   Then you measure to see who went farthest on the track.  There are different categories of tractors used.  My husband competes with antique tractors but other people compete in what is called a “modified tractor”.  That is when you take the shell of the tractor and replace the regular engine, hydraulics and other parts with something out of the movie, TRON.   Back in the day we called this “supping up”….well, these things are supped up to the highest level possible. 

People also pull with their pickups.  Some are very expensive pickups.  Sometimes things break or explode with the pickups because the weight is just too demanding to pull.  People laugh when that happens.  I run for cover expecting to die.  Also, sometimes there are fuel leaks that catch on fire.  Yeah, I expect to die than too. 

I have some thoughts that I hope do not come across as criticisms.   To start, why are these pulls in the dead of summer?  Are you trying to kill me?  Who’s idea was this?  Tractor pulls should be in the fall when it’s brisk and I can wear a sweatshirt and drink coffee in my cute coffee holder.  Secondly,  those bleachers are nothing short of ass torture.  Perhaps some padding would be nice or a break.  Even baseball games have a 7- inning stretch.   We could sing something together about tractors.  Third, tractor pulls are louder than a plane taking off in your living room and emit more toxic emissions than the BP oil spill. I usually leave with a migraine and the need to be incubated in a hyperbaric chamber.  Is this healthy? 

I’m really hoping to get a handle on this tractor pull issue.  It’s not going anywhere in my life so it’s important to find peace with it.  I really want to support my husband,  even if it takes me out of my comfort zone.  Then, maybe when he sees that I am joining him in his interests, he will sit with me and watch Bravo and the 3 to 4 Real Housewives shows that I enjoy……

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I’ve built 4×4 rigs and restored and modified antique tractors to improve their pulling performance. I also like classical music and even opera, but there is no way I’d ever sit still for one of those real housewives shows.

You don’t need to enjoy these pulls. If you don’t enjoy them, let him go alone, he will enjoy it more. Those bleachers are to give your feet a rest, not to be the ultimate in comfort. If your backside starts to hurt, just stand up again.

I can guarantee those aromas you find so repulsive are regarded by your husband the same way as walking through the make up department of department stores and hair salons might be to you. You don’t need to go, and please don’t force him to join you in pursuits he doesn’t enjoy. There is nothing worse than somebody clock watching and whiny when you are having a good time.

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That’s some good advice Carl! I certainly want him to enjoy and have a good time. Taking separate cars is also something to think about. That way I get to watch him but go when I’ve had enough. Thanks for the advice!

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I’ve lived in fairly small towns my entire life, but I truly am a city girl at heart. I have rarely gone to these type of events and have never really enjoyed them when I have gone. I think it’s great that you want to support your husband at the tractor pulls, but I think driving separate cars is a great idea. I know I wouldn’t want to be stuck there forever.

Hey! Ever try going to a Threshing Bee?? :)

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What is that?!

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