This girl needs a hobby…..


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Okay. I’m not gonna lie.  I’m struggling with finding a hobby or two that doesn’t feature me sitting on my ever-expanding butt.  I know my way around the Dish TV guide (hence my previous admission that I am fast becoming a certified reality t.v. addict) and I enjoy Facebook for at least an hour a night.  Before I became a farmer’s wife I had a vision that I would became some sort of character out of a Hallmark movie.  Quilting, growing a garden, canning,  baking and occasional plowing would satisfy my need for social contact and hobbies and I’d hit the pillow each night marveling at my contented and peaceful life.   

I do grow flowers in the summer but that’s the extent of my “gardening”.  Pick up plants from Home Depot, dig a hole and cover the rest with mulch.  I grew a vegetable garden my first year on the farm and realized that you should probably like vegetables before you grow three hundred of them.  My coworkers would run as I showed up to work with bags upon bags of produce to heave upon them.  Obviously, that leaves canning out of the running pretty quickly.  Moving on, the fact that I don’t know how to sew, at all, would make quilting relatively dicey too.  I love quilts,  I really do.  I totally admire anyone who has the skill and patience to take material, batting and a pattern and make it into a beautiful homemade creation.  I’d just rather buy one from Herbergers than make one myself.  So that leaves baking.  I can totally bake.  My middle name is Chocolate.  I actually have two middle names Chocolate-Peanut Butter.  I baked myself twenty pounds heavier!   My husband is one of those people (actually I consider them aliens) that can have one piece of cake  and never want another piece for a month.  I wasn’t born with that chip.  If I bake a cake or a pie,  I know exactly how many slices are left.  They stare at me from the refrigerator shelf.  They seduce me.  They telepathically transmit directions to the fork and plate drawer and before i know it, I eat the rest of my baking.  Some people grow their own pot or brew their own beer, I bake myself into the next pant size.

When you marry a farmer, you quickly realize that your life revolves around the seasons.  Spring and Fall mean planting and harvesting and me spending alot of free time by myself.  If you’re new around town, it’s not easy to make friends and maybe even more so when you’re a former “city girl” with my accent .   Maybe people assume you either don’t have much in common or that you already have a full calendar. Maybe, other women have their go-to friends and just like things status quo.  Who can blame them?   If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, feel free to throw them my way especially if you are interested in starting a book club!   But please, don’t ask me to bake anything…….


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Cloey man you still go by that? I miss your stories you still have the amazing ability to make the tears run down my leg just by reading your blog!!! I miss our days at the hospital together! But I really live hearing about your exciting days on the farm! Miss you girl!

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Hi Naomi! I miss you too. I see you have two little cutie pies and love being a momma! Thanks for reading and I hope I can inspire some more bladder control problems for you!

Love Cloey

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I love your blog!

How about other kinds of arts and crafts like painting, card-making or scrap booking? Otherwise, I recently read a few of Emily Giffin’s book and I’m currently reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Jasmine, are you reading my mind? I just thought about getting some painting supplies or, at the very least, some paint by numbers. I love to read too. I’ll have to check out Emily and I’ve heard alot (hubba hubba) about this Fifty Shades of Grey! Maybe it will light my Kindle Fire on FIRE! Thanks for reading and good suggestions!


You are certainly a delight! Keep up the fun reading material ~ your witty way will make anyone smile. I will be awaiting a ‘book’ by you.

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Aw, thank you so much. I’m thrilled that you’re reading and sharing good laughs with me!

Have a wonderful day Susan!


If you need a hobby, I can teach you!!! The sitting on your butt part…..just eliminate that part of the equation!!! I taught my 70 year old MIL how to quilt and she’d never even threaded a sewing machine.

Seriously…I’d love to help you find a new hobby.

P.S. Please bring chocolate and peanut butter.

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I don’t know Maria, I’m not sure you realize what a test of patience you would need to teach me how to quilt! I would be up for the challenge. I even have a sewing machine in my attic that I’ve never used. I think it’s hiding quietly hoping I don’t get the urge to use it……


email me! I have 5 kids. I can survive anything after that!

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