Sweet Fancy Moses, it’s Winter!


Posted by Cloey | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 23-01-2013

It’s been a good while since my last blog post.  Took some time for family stuff and holidays.  Hearing some have missed the blog and that warms my heart to hear.  Currently, that’s the only warm thing around here being it’s  17 below.   I’m sitting here staring out the window pretending it’s sunny and tropical.  I swear the clouds are stuck, it’s so dang cold!  I haven’t left the house in 2 days.  I refuse!  It’s so cold my nostril hairs freeze two seconds after walking out the door.  This is the kind of cold  my family out east thinks we have here ALL the time.  It isn’t.  At least not in the 8 years I’ve been here.  If it were, I don’t think I could manage it.  Atleast I have an automatic car starter.  The farmer had it installed for my birthday 2 years ago.   The last time I pointed my remote starter button  from the warmth of my kitchen window it took the car a good 30 seconds to decide if it was going to start.  I just kept hearing whrrr…whhrrr….whrrr.  If you listened closely enough, I swear I heard it say, “the hell I am, the hell I am” over and over.

So what does one do when one can’t leave the house because it’s artic out there? I’ve been hunkered at the computer drooling at the recipes on Pinterest.  It’s culinary porn.  I can’t actually make any of the recipes because I’m on a diet so  I just stare at them.  They say if you imagine yourself taking bites of the foods you crave, your brain reacts as if you’re actually eating them and the cravings go away.  Doing this  also creates endorphins that give you the feeling of satisfaction and brighter mood.  So far I’ve mentally made love to double-chocolate fudge brownies and a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese.  I feel great emotionally but my stomach is very confused- and hungry.

I know that there are people that really get jazzed about this  weather and are out there right now living it up on their snowmobiles or in their ice-fishing houses on the lake.  God bless you. I don’t understand you but God bless you.   I am not a fan of snow or ice especially  walking on lake ice.  Weebles wobble but they DO fall down.  I assume the ice will crack beneath me and send me into the freezing waters below.   I don’t want to impose on anyone to have to risk their life pulling my plus-size  butt out of the water.  I can never understand how people actually drive their trucks out into the middle of the lake and expect it not to fall in.  Sometimes I see trucks parked outside of a fishing house not 200 feet from an unfrozen area of lake.   It takes a special kind of optimist to think that this a good thing.    The whole idea of sitting in a little heated wooden box for hours trying to catch fish out of a frozen hole holds no interest for me.   I can’t manage to catch fish the entire summer on our boat regardless of where we fish or how long we’re out there so fishing in a box over a hole leads me to believe I’ll be buying my fish at Cub like everybody else.  I have just one question: where do they pee?


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I am one of the people who have missed your blog. Hope you had a nice holiday season.
To answer your question about where they pee…. some of those houses actually have a bathroom set-up – or probably in a can – or just outside! Men have it a little easier that women. I have been ice fishing years ago but when that ice starts making the cracking noise – I think it is time to go home! Stay warm! They are saying Spring is going to be here soon.

You know, I had a feeling about where those bathroom breaks were happening! Ew! I don’t think us ladies could quite maneuver in a lady-like way to achieve the same results. Thanks for reading and stay warm!

I have a question…

I recently moved here from California and have seen the ice houses out on the lake, and I too have wondered where ya pee. Now, my question, being a woman, and if ya gotta squat over a can, and since the temps being under zero degrees, won’t your pee freeze? I’m not going to expose my hoohaa to the artic if it’s in danger of getting frostbite or something.

Just asking…..

Welcome from California! Well Carol, I’m thinking that the ladies of ice fishing are pretty darn creative and I don’t wanna know how they manage it. I just wanna know which lake has the most ice houses on it cause i’m thinking that is where I’m NOT swimming or fishing this summer!